Am I Required to Have Renters Insurance in Columbia, MO

Renters insurance is not required for either tenants or landlords in the state of Missouri, but it is still a cost-effective way of protecting one’s assets. Unfortunately, many renters will not bother with this type of insurance since there is the assumption that the landlord will have their own insurance policy. Landlords will rarely take out renters insurance for their tenants unless it is disclosed beforehand. If you are interested in some affordable renters insurance policies in the Columbia MO area, consult with Walker-Winter Insurance.

Why Should a Renter get Insurance?

Since renters are responsible for their own personal items in the event of theft of destruction, renters insurance is a worthy investment. Coverage amounts can reach the tens of thousands while the monthly bill will be less than one’s internet bill. In fact, the monthly premium can be lowered if the renter takes care of the house by installing security systems, fire sprinkler systems, and other deterrents.

Keep in mind that damage caused by sewer backups, floods, or earthquakes are typically not covered. There may only be conditional coverage for expensive jewelry or collectibles. Liability coverage if someone is injured due to the tenant’s fault is also covered.

As a landlord, should I cover the tenant?

Even though the landlord is not responsible, advertising the fact that you include renters insurance can help you seal the deal to get long-term leases. It can also help to avoid potential legal disputes during disasters, even if you are in the right.

The investment for renters insurance is well worth it for both parties, especially considering it is an affordable type of insurance. If you are considering a renters insurance policy in the Columbia, MO area, give Walker-Winter Insurance a call.

Additional coverage available for your RV in Columbia, MO

Besides liability insurance, there are additional coverage types to protect you and your RV from uninsured motorists, off-road damage, and even roadside assistance. How can you determine what additional policies are right for you? Keep reading to learn about the types of coverage available in Columbia, MO. Also, if you have any questions, contact your Walker-Winter Insurance agent today for more information.

What is RV Insurance?

RV insurance includes multiple types of policies designed to protect your RV from different types of risks. Some coverage is optional, but important in order to fully cover your RV, not just when it’s on the road. Luckily, your Walker-Winter Insurance agent can help you customize your coverage according to your needs.

Types of Coverage

RV coverage covers the same things auto insurance does and also has additional policy options. 

Liability insurance protects you from the cost associated with bodily injury and property damages that result from an accident you caused. Most states require it for all vehicles on the road.

Comprehensive pays for damage to your RV due to a non-collision event. It includes fire and theft.

Collision pays for repairs or replacement if your RV is damaged in a collision.

Additional RV Insurance Options

Vacation liability covers costs when another person is injured or suffers property damage. It only includes damaged or injury resulting from your RV being used for vacation purposes. 

Roadside assistance has you covered if your RV breaks down and you have to pay for a tow and associated expenses.

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Put your mind at rest regarding insurance coverage before your next vacation begins. Contact your Walker-Winter Insurance agent today for more information or to set up a quote for RV insurance in Columbia, MO.


What is Included in My Minimum Missouri Motorcycle Insurance?

When you bought your bike and earned the motorcycle operators endorsement on your Columbia, MO driver’s license, you had to show proof of financial responsibility or an approved motorcycle insurance policy from a reputable company like Walker-Winter Insurance. If you signed up for the cheapest policy, it probably only met the minimum coverage required. Let’s check out what those are and how they protect you.

Liability Minimums as Required by Law

Your minimum motorcycle insurance policy simply covers damage to other people’s property and any injuries they might receive in an accident that you caused. These minimums are:

  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $10,000 per accident for property/vehicle damage

If their medical bills are higher or their car suffered more damage, you may be left on the hook for the balance.  This doesn’t cover any damage done to your vehicle or to help pay for your medical expenses.  You know how much you paid for your bike, just how much money do you think it will take to fix their car?  It is likely to be higher than $10,000.

Fortunately, you have options.

Opt for Collision and Comprehensive for Greater Protection

It is possible to raise your minimums for liability to help protect your savings account.  You can also extend your Walker-Winter Insurance policy to include comprehensive and collision which will make sure that your bike will get fixed no matter who is at fault in an accident, or even if you were wrecked out by a deer running across the road.

When shopping for motorcycle insurance in Columbia, MO, have an in-depth conversation with your agent to make sure that you are really protecting your ride, your health, and your savings accounts when you encounter trouble on the road.



Who Needs Health Insurance?

Due to the significantly rising cost of Medical Care, having access to health insurance is extremely important. For those that are in the Columbia, MO area, one of the best options would be to get a health insurance policy.  There are several reasons why all people need to have health insurance.  

Better Care

The first reason why you should have health insurance is that you will receive better overall care. Those that have health insurance tend to be more regular with their visitations with their physicians. This can help to ensure that health issues are caught in there earlier stages. Furthermore, those that have health insurance will also be approved to see specialists and other care providers that require you to have insurance.

Reduced Costs

Another reason why you should have health insurance is that it can lead to reduced costs. If you frequently go to the doctor, have prescriptions, or need another type of care, health insurance will get you a subsidized rate. This could end up saving you thousands of dollars per year. 

Legal Requirements

Over the past few years, the health insurance laws have changed significantly and today all adults are required by law to carry health insurance. Those that do not have access to it through an employer, are able to get it through one of the public markets, sometimes at subsidized rates. Those that do not carry health insurance could potentially be hit with a fine of more than $600.

Due to the complexity of health insurance policies today, those that are in the Columbia, MO area should consider meeting with an insurance agent before getting into any plan. The Walker-Winter Insurance Company is a great place to start when you are looking for guidance.  The Walker-Winter Insurance Company can help anyone better understand their insurance needs and help them get a good policy.  


Does Boat Insurance Cover Time Off Work?

A boat accident can be very serious and can cause you to miss work and have to take time off to recuperate. That being said, most basic policies do not cover time off work. So what are your options? For those that live in the Columbia, MO area, the agents with Walker-Winter Insurance can help you find a policy that is going to fit your needs and help you get the coverage you want.

For the most part, a basic boat policy is going to cover the boat and any passengers that you have on board. It will also cover medical expenses for other boaters as well as damage done to their boat if they are in an accident with your craft. Most basic policies are not going to cover things like time off work but if you feel you need this type of coverage, your insurance agent can help you add it to your current policy. This does not necessarily mean adding a separate clause but rather raising the amount of liability that is on your policy.

Boating policies are relatively simple and easy to work through and do not have a ton of extra coverages built in like a car policy would. In most cases, boat policies cover what they need to cover and nothing more making them great for those that just need basic coverage, but not so great for those that have been in a serious accident and may need time off work to get better. For those in the Columbia, MO area, the agents with Walker-Winter Insurance can help you to find the perfect policy and can help you to get a tailor-made policy that is going to cover all eventualities and is going to truly keep you and your boat safe no matter what happens.  

What Homeowners Should Know about Umbrella Insurance

Contrary to popular belief, umbrella insurance isn’t just for those who are wealthy. Ordinary people with personal assets such as a home, savings, car, RV, etc., also run the risk of being sued if they’re found at fault for an accident at home or on the road. Auto and home liability insurance will only cover so much; once liability limits on these policies have been exhausted, you’re responsible for additional compensation out of your own pocket.

If you own a home in Columbia, MO and are interested in protecting your investment, consider what umbrella insurance from Walker-Winter Insurance has to offer.    

Additional Liability Coverage

Umbrella insurance picks up where your home and auto liability coverage leaves off. Coverage often begins at $1 million and provides protection against major liability claims and lawsuits. If you’re found at fault for an accident, umbrella insurance will pay for medical expenses or property damage sustained by others up to the limits of your policy. This saves you from having to pay these expenses out of your own pocket.  

Protection of Personal Assets

If you have assets and are found at fault for an accident, you run the risk of being sued for compensation of injuries or damages that exceed your auto or home liability limits. After all, it’s only natural for people to seek repayment for their troubles. 

Umbrella insurance gives you an extra layer of liability protection when you need it most, preserving your valuable assets. With umbrella coverage, you don’t have to worry about mortgaging your home or giving up your savings to compensate others for accidents you cause. Having umbrella coverage reduces your risk of financial loss.

For more information about umbrella insurance, policy options and costs, contact an insurance specialist at Walker-Winter Insurance, Columbia, MO.


Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

By law, you obviously need car insurance, and if you own a home, you should have homeowner’s insurance. And if you rent, it’s a smart decision to have renter’s insurance. However, you may be overlooking the need for umbrella insurance. 
Definition of Umbrella Insurance 
Umbrella insurance takes over when you have exceeded the limits of your standard auto or homeowner’s policy. It protects you if you should find yourself being sued for an amount exceeding your policy limits. For example, if you have $100,000 in personal injury coverage, and you get into an accident that was your fault, and the accident resulted in $250,000 worth of medical bills, you’re responsible for the other $150,000. However, if you have an umbrella policy, it’ll cover you in the event you’re facing an incident that exhausts your insurance.
When You Should Have an Umbrella Insurance Policy 
If you own a home that has a great deal of value, you could find yourself in a situation where you could have to sell your home to cover the extra cost of the lawsuit that the insurance didn’t cover. That’s why we advise anyone who has something of value to have umbrella insurance. We advise anyone who has assets in the bank to have coverage that covers at least the amount you have in the bank along with the value of your other assets. We encourage anyone who makes over $100,000 per year to get an umbrella insurance policy. If you own a rental property, an umbrella policy becomes beneficial. Although it seems impossible that you’ll have a lawsuit that insurance doesn’t cover fully, it’s possible. This is especially the case when so many people are out to make a quick buck
To receive a quote for umbrella insurance from Walker-Winter Insurance, serving Columbia, MO and the surrounding area, call 1-800-516-3322. 





Different Health Insurance Policies with Walker-Winter Insurance

You can never make a mistake by deciding to buy health insurance coverage whether individual or for your family. Health insurance is an investment which offers you a financial security since no one knows what happens tomorrow.

Anything could happen for example a sudden illness that requires immediate attention. Such kinds of emergencies catch you off guard without financial preparation, and this could delay the treatment process, and could not go any worse when the patient dies.

The treatment methods are evolving with time and so is the cost of medical care. The cost is going up as the treatment technology advances. Health-Insurance is meant to assist people to undergo through such unexpected expenses at ease. Walker-Winter insurance offers Columbia, MO residents with many forms of affordable policies, and they also help them to choose the coverage that is suitable for their needs. The health insurance policies include;  

Medicare supplement insurance policy

It is tailored for the seniors and elderly who wish to participate in Medicare. The plan caters for the expenses that Medicare does not pay.

Supplement health insurance policy

It is meant to complement the core insurance coverage by providing individuals with fixed benefits. The benefits amount to any extra costs that may arise unexpectedly.

Individual medical insurance plan

If one is employed or has joined a particular organization, there is a possibility that their insurance matters are catered for. The employer or the group leader may have an insurance plan for the team. However, if this is not the case, an individual has to buy a Medicare coverage which could cover them either individually or as a family.

If you are looking for health insurance policies in Columbia, MO, contact Walker-Winter Insurance for assistance. We will be glad to help and walk with you through the journey until you find the policy that optimally caters for your needs. Our health insurance policies are designed to fit all the requirements of the state. Contact us today to discuss a quote as per your requirements.

How Risk Ratings Impact Life Insurance Rates

If you’ve been looking for life insurance in the Columbia, MO area, you may be curious about how the risk ratings impact the life insurance rates.  Who makes the rating and which things about your life are taken into consideration?  Here are a few answers:

  • The life insurance company has underwriters who give you a rating that places you in one of these risk categories: super preferred, preferred, standard, and substandard.
  • The risk categories are associated with the likelihood that a claim will be made based on data collected over time.
  • The physical characteristics considered are: age, gender, weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and medical history.
  • The lifestyle considerations are: use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, extreme sports, and for some, diet and exercise practices.
  • Other things you may not think about that are considered are: driving record, finances and credit score, geographic location, and family history.
  • All of the information is gathered and together equal your risk rating.  A rating of super preferred means every item considered is at the top of the scale, and life insurance rates will be the lowest.  On the other end of the scale is the substandard rating, which can be due to one or several factors together and the rates will be higher.
  • Does a risk rating stay the same?  No, it can change over time as the factors taken into account change.  These changes can raise or lower risk ratings and the cost of your life insurance.  For example, a substandard rating can improve as a health condition improves over time.

Walker-Winter Insurance

Walker-Winter Insurance in the Columbia, MO area is a one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs. Contact a Walker-Winter independent agent today to start planning for your life insurance coverage.



Homeowner Insurance 101 in Columbia, MO

Most lenders require enough home insurance to cover your mortgage. However, homeowners insurance provides insurance money to recover from a catastrophic loss related to your home or belongings. It is important to have it, even if you paid off your mortgage. It usually covers fire and smoke, and natural disasters. Natural disasters include windstorm and hail, lighting, and damage from the weight of ice and snow. Your homeowner’s insurance in Columbia, MO also often covers theft, vandalism, and damage from cars.

What is Not Covered?

It is challenging and inconvenient when you experience a loss of your home or property. Having homeowners insurance can give you peace of mind. 

Certain events usually require separate or additional coverage in Columbia, MO. You may be required to purchase flood insurance for certain vulnerable areas mapped out by the state. You can research this online or ask your Walker-Winter Insurance agent for more information and where to get a quote on flood insurance. Other events not covered include earthquakes and sewer and drain backups. You will need to consider getting additional coverage for these events. 

How Homeowner’s Insurance Helps

When you have homeowner’s insurance, the cost of replacing personal property is covered if it is damaged or stolen. Additionally, it may cover living expenses while the damage is being repaired, typically in a hotel. In the unfortunate event that someone is hurt on your property, it covers medical bills up to a maximum amount. Under certain circumstances, it includes cars parked on your property.

Your Walker-Winter Insurance agent is available to help you understand your policy and options. Call us today to understand your options.