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Farm Insurance in Missouri

Your farm is a highly important piece of property, and it may be used as your sole source of income. Even if you only use it for supplemental means, the land itself and the care you've put into it makes it not just a physically valuable location, but also a special place for you emotionally as well. The vast majority of people are underinsured, and often it's because they're uncertain about what's covered and what their responsibility is. Before an unfortunate event occurs, you should, at least, have the knowledge of how the claims process will work.

Farm insurance can protect your dwelling and personal property from a variety of weather damage, as well as fire and theft. You can also choose to add on coverage for anything else that may be on the grounds: sheds, storage facilities, fences, barns or even small shops. If your farm has any tourist component to it (you sell goods on the premises, or you offer guided tours), then you can also get liability coverage for your customers too. If you cannot stay in your home due to the event, there are policies available that will pay for other accommodations until your farm is fixed. You need to think about the cost of your machinery, livestock and the price of any injury or medical bills that may result from a variety of circumstances. You may have business expenses and loss of income as well should something happen.

Turning to Columbia, MO farm insurance agents means you have a chance to go over all the scenarios and truly understand your coverage. In Missouri, you can trust Walker-Winter Insurance to supply these answers and much more. Call today to speak with independent insurance agents for more information.


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